Description of Portable Storage Building Roof Lines

We build a variety of roof styles that will complement your environment and existing structures. Here are 6 examples of the most requested roof shapes we build.

Barn style sheds are built with 4′ or 6′ high walls.

Ranch style sheds, also called A-Frame buildings have a pitched roof, but are not as steep as the Cape Cod Style roof. This ranch shed pictured has an overhead garage door and decorative flying goose accent on the roof peak.

Cape Code style sheds have a steep roof, giving the portable building a custom look that complements many residences nicely.  This cape cod shed has a copper roof vented cupola.

Salt Box style sheds have a long dropping back line and a short, steep pitch in front.

Blue Hen Portable Storage Sheds

The eaves on the front and back of Blue Hen style sheds allow rain to be thrown away from the building, plus they provide pockets for storage inside.

Dutchman Amish Style Portable Storage Sheds

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