Portable Buildings Standard Features

Our quality portable sheds are constructed with thoughtful design rooted in several decades of experience to enhance durability.

Grooved Fir Wood Siding with no exterior knots (shown on the right) is ready for our full body stain unlike the wall shown on the left. We use stains instead of paint for strong wood adhesion – the stains penetrates deep into the wood grain which reduces maintenance of your shed.
Galvanized wood screws are used at joints of doors, providing a more rigid, solid frame for strength. Note how the panel on the back of the door (shown left) is screwed as well.  The removable door panel allows the door panel to be separated from the trim so door maintenance is quick and simple.

Full body stain is rolled on, never sprayed. This ensures that the stain penetrates deep into the wood for lower maintenance. Also, our doors are stained on all 6 sides – front, back, and 4 ends – so that it seals the wood panel from the weather. Here again, the benefit is reduced maintenance for the owner.
Our doors have 6′ long aluminum piano hinges whereas most sheds have just 3 hinges installed at the top, middle, and bottom. Having a 6′ long aluminum piano hinge on each door fully supports the door and will not rust.

Thicker, hefty door.
Our door is shown on the left versus a standard door on the right. Note how our door is thicker, adding bulk and strength to the most used part of the shed – the door.

Shed doors have a door straightener located on the inside of the door. In case of warpage, this allows tension to be put on the door to straighten it.
Many builders use chipboard for floors. We use all plywood for proven durability.

Unbeatable value without sacrificing quality
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